Unveiling the Science Behind NUTRI-KNOW: Stakeholder Interviews

In NUTRI-KNOW, we are distilling complex information from 12 EU agricultural projects into accessible material. We are presently engaged in conducting interviews with key stakeholders in the agricultural sector, including CSOs, farmers, technology providers, research institutions, regional and national agencies, and trade unions. The primary objective of these interviews is to discern the unique needs and barriers faced by stakeholders regarding the implementation of the outcomes from the 12 agricultural projects. We aim to understand how the insights from the agricultural projects can best contribute to the nutrient-value chain.

How are these interviews conducted? Initially, we presented stakeholders with questionnaires to gather preliminary insights. However, recognising the need for more nuanced, qualitative data, we have transitioned to in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. These interviews, lasting approximately one hour, are conducted either online or face-to-face.

These interviews span across Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and Italy, allowing us to capture diverse perspectives from the countries where the 12 agricultural projects have been conducted. Based on both the questionnaires and interviews, we can construct stakeholder maps. In NUTRI-KNOW, a stakeholder map will serve as a visual representation that illustrates the intricate relationships and connections among various stakeholders within a specific country connected to the needs and barriers identified. This strategic management tool aids in identifying, analysing, and prioritising stakeholders based on their influence, interest, and involvement among other analyses.

Example of a preliminary stakeholder map for Belgium

Stay tuned as we navigate through the intricate web of agricultural stakeholders to enhance understanding and collaboration in the nutrient-value chain.