Exchanging easy-to-understand nutrient management knowledge with farmers

In agriculture, fertilisers are used to supplement the natural supply of nutrients. This allows farmers optimal growth of the crops. Improperly managed nutrients, however, can become pollutants that harm the environment. NUTRI-KNOW aims to improve nutrient management practices in agriculture by gathering and sharing knowledge for the benefit of both farmers and the environment. 

NUTRI-KNOW at a Glance

A safe and cost-efficient nutrient management is a strategic element for the EU agricultural sector. Thus, member states have an urgent need to optimise the use of resources and facilitate the transition towards a circular bio-based agriculture.

Therefore, NUTRI-KNOW aims to support the modernisation and dynamisation of the agrifood sector by broadening EIP-AGRI Operational Group outcomes across borders. NUTRI-KNOW will contribute to foster and share knowledge and innovation aiming to address the most urgent needs, challenges, and opportunities for farmers.

The outcomes from NUTRI-KNOW will assist in improving agricultural and environmental management and performance of the current agricultural practices which, eventually, will lead to a more sustainable and efficient European agri-food sector.

NUTRI-KNOW Operational Groups

11 organisations from 6 countries are working on a more sustainable and efficient European agri-food sector.

NUTRI-KNOW aims to build on the outcomes of up to 12 Operational Groups (OGs) from four different member states, namely Spain, Belgium, Ireland, and Italy. These groups have been working on the theme of nutrient management.

Nutrient Management is one of the most important areas of interest for farmers in several countries in Europe. The engaged OGs have generated various outputs/solutions such as technologies, tools, fertiliser products, and recommendations for the different steps of the value chain in livestock farming, storage systems, processing, transport, application, and fertilising production.

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