Pocketboer II

Pocketboer II

Solutions for persistent problems with pocket digesters

Pocketboer 2 focuses on addressing persistent issues with pocket digesters, aiming to enhance their performance. These small-scale digesters generate biogas from on-farm biomass, to meet their energy needs, with most installations producing under 200 kW of electrical power. They are typically found on dairy farms. The sustainability of these digesters lies in producing biogas which can be valorised to electricity and heat and digestate which can be used as organic fertiliser or soil enhancer, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions by avoiding long-term manure storage and replacing fossil fuels.

The project operates on three pillars:

  • Facilitating knowledge and information exchange among pocket digester operators and stakeholders (e.g. via knowledge cooperatives, a Facebook group, publications, newsletters and stakeholder consultations);
  • Investigating and resolving technical challenges through measurements and cost-benefit analysis;
  • Providing administrative guidance, individual advice, and training.

The achieved results include increased awareness among farmers, improved digester performance, and demonstration of the positive impact of pocket digestion.